All of our services begin with a 15 minute repose- robe and slippers are provided with light refreshments to initiate your time at the spa.

Prices listed are Spa For One and do not reflect gratuities.


We believe it is important to provide effective skincare treatments using products that are clean and natural. For this reason, all of the skincare brands we use stand behind the philosophy of implementing only the highest quality in natural and organic formulas and ingredients. Also in keeping with this approach, the products we use are never tested on animals.

Essential Facial- a relaxing, customized 60 minute facial treatment tailored to your skin's needs with cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizer application, steam and manual pore-cleansing extractions. Also includes light hot stone massage for shoulders, arms and hands

Essential Stone Facial- a customized 60 minute Essential facial augmented with the application of hot and cold stones to revitalize and refresh the skin. Also includes light hot stone massage for shoulders, arms and hands

Essential Bacial- a 'facial' for the back! A customized 60 minute cleansing treatment targeted to an area of the body where skin is often neglected. Includes light hot stone massage for the legs and feet



Brightening Fruit Acid Peel (Full Strength or Sensitive Skin formula)- effective for hyper pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone and texture and for smoothing fine lines. Excellent for all skin types

Blemish Clearing Fruit Acid Peel- designed to clear blemishes by exfoliating to make skin tone and texture more even. Excellent for oily, combination and blemish prone skin

Brightening Eye Marine Mask- effective treatment to help reduce puffiness, fine lines and firm skin around the eyes